GeoSpatial Conference

The   ISPRS   international   Geospatial   Conference   ۲۰۱۹   is organized   by   School   of   Surveying   and   GeoSpatial Engineering,  College  of  Engineering,  University  of Tehran,  and  will  be  held  from  ۱۲-۱۴  October  ۲۰۱۹  at the Campus of Agriculture and Natural Resources of University of Tehran, Iran. This    will    be   the    ۵th   SMPR   (Sensors   and   Models   in  Photogrammetry    and    Remote    Sensing)    and    the    ۳rd GIResearch  (Geospatial  Information  Research)  conferences which will be co-organized by the following International and National rganizations:

• International    Society   of    Photogrammetry   and   Remote Sensing (ISPRS)

• German Aerospace Center (DLR)

• Campus of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Tehran